How to Play

How to play poker: learning the poker rules

Learn to play poker easily

New to poker or experienced player? partypoker guides and tips are devised to help you learn how to play poker and improve your game at your own pace.

Whether you need to learn more on the different poker games, the hand rankings, tactics or even poker terms, we gathered advice and tips from professional players to guide you throughout your learning journey and help you improve your skills.

Browse the 'how to play' section to uncover or revisit the rules of poker and upgrade your game.

Know the basic poker rules

Before you join the action at the poker tables, it is important to master the basics of poker. Our guides, perfect for those who are new to poker, will help you understand the terminology, learn the poker rules and all the necessary tips you will easily remember. You will also discover advice on how to play your hands... Find out more about the poker basics.

The different poker games

One of the keys to success at the tables relies on the knowledge and understanding of the different types of poker games. You most certainly heard about texas holdem (the most popular game in the world) but if you don't know the other variants such as Omaha, this section will help you learn the rules and find out more about the different poker variations.

Poker hands

Master the poker hands

In poker, the cards distributed to players form a set which is called 'hands'. The value of these hands are subject to ranking also commonly referred to as hand rankings (or order). Poker hands are one of the things that every aspiring or experienced poker player should know. Familiarise yourself with the 10 ranking categories.

Advanced poker rules

Tips and advanced poker rules

There is a lot more in this game than simply knowing the poker rules. Once the basics are assimilated, it is not only important for players to keep improving their skills but also to know how to adapt their game to their opponents'. Whether it is about learning how to spot a fish, how to bluff, how much to bet or the poker odds, this section will help you upgrade your game and move to the next level.

Cash games

Know the cash game rules

The rules of cash games differ from the tournaments and sit and go rules. Learn how to play cash games with our dedicated guides.

Multi-table tournaments (MTT)

How to play multi-table tournaments (MTT)

At partypoker, players can choose from 500 multi-table tournaments every day. Yet it is important to understand the rules of these types of tournaments before signing up. Learn more about MTTs.

Sit & Go tournaments (SNG)

How to play Sit & Go tournaments (SNG)

When the table is full, the action starts. Just choose the game you want to play and you're away. Find out more about the SNG tournament rules.

Blackjack rules

What about blackjack?

Blackjack is a classic casino game. Learn more about the rules of this game and enjoy it right here at partypoker.