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Poker School

How To Take Advantage of Group Dynamics at The Poker Table

Your mother probably once asked if you’d jump off a cliff if your friends were doing it. You were probably indignant that of course you wouldn’t. And yet you might find yourself doing just that at the tables.

Ever found yourself raising twice the big blind because everyone else is? Or joining in the chat even when you don’t really want to? Then you’ve fallen prey to the power group.

It’s time to shuck off that sheep’s clothing and reveal the wolf beneath. Use the group against themselves by taking control. If you notice a pattern of the group raising twice the big blind, push it and start raising 3 times the big blind. After a couple of turns, you’ll notice that the rest of the group starts to follow suit, over-committing themselves and leaving them open to your premium hand pounce.

At the Sit & Go table, keep an eye out for middle-stack players who are waiting for the aggressive players to knock themselves out and for the bigger stacks to take care of the smaller ones. Force these guys out of their comfort zone and into Mistakesville by consistently raising their big blinds.

Just make sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the pack!