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How to Play SPINS Sit & Go Poker

SPINS is the name of partypoker’s exciting Sit & Go Jackpot game, where players can win huge cash prizes from a relatively low buy-in.

They are fast, fun and easy to play, with buy-ins available for players of all levels, ranging from $0.25 up to $250.

After buying into the game, the “SPIN” occurs, determining the size of the prizepool that you are playing for. The game is now ready to begin!

The SPIN multipliers range from 2x your buy-in, up to 240,000x your buy-in! So you could hit the SPINS jackpot and find yourself playing a fast-paced, 3-handed turbo Sit & Go for a prizepool 240,000 times bigger than the buy-in. 

We offer SPINS that pay out cash prizes, including our $1M SPINS game! For a buy-in of just $5, you could play for a potential prizepool of $1.2M - 1st place receives $1M, with 2nd and 3rd places both earning $100,000!

We also offer SPINS that pay out ticket prizes to our next big partypoker LIVE events or latest online festivals - there is a game to suit all players! 

Once you have logged in to the partypoker desktop or mobile lobby, it only takes second to find and register for your perfect SPINS game.


Look for the “SPINS” tab in the partypoker lobby, located just beneath the top navigation located between “Sit & Gos” and “Tournaments”. Simply click “SPINS” to be taken to our SPINS poker lobby.



Choose “SPINS” from the partypoker main lobby, located between “Sit & Go” and “My Tournaments”. Note – until the App is updated, it is called “Sit & Go JACKPOTS”


Buying into a SPINS game


You will find the full range of SPINS games available in the SPINS poker lobby on partypoker’s desktop software. The tiles tell you the buy-in for each game ranging from $0.25 right up to $250, along with the number of seats (SPINS are currently always played with 3 players), and the maximum 1st prize available. You can see the full range of our SPINS buy-ins and prize pool multipliers here. Once you have chosen your game, click “Play Now”.

The desktop software will indicate whether you have an available ticket in your account for that game. If you do, simply click “Register Now.”

If you don’t have a valid ticket available, you can use your account balance - simply click “Register Now”.



Once you are in the mobile SPINS lobby, you’ll see a range of buy-in options. Each circle has a buy-in, the same range as those on desktop. Click the buy-in of your choice and the details of the game will then display below. Once you have decided which game to play, click “Play Now”. If you have a ticket available for that game, click “Ticket”, followed by “Register”. If you don’t have a ticket available, or want to use cash instead, simply click “Balance”.

Note that if you click “Ticket” and you currently don’t have one available, the “Register” option will fade out and the app will tell you there are 0 Tickets available.



Here comes the fun part – let’s see how much you can win!

Once three players are seated, and before the first card is dealt, the table will “SPIN”, revealing the prizepool that you are playing for.

If you are seated at a $1M SPINS game, your prizepool could range from $10 right up to $1,200,000. As a player, you don’t have to do anything, the table will perform the SPIN automatically. Sit back and prepare to play, with your fingers crossed!


Playing the Game

Our SPINS games are Texas Hold-em poker which is the most common form of poker played across the globe. If you play online poker regularly, you will be very familiar with this game type. Similarly, this is the format of poker played most often in live casinos and poker rooms. If you are not familiar with Texas Hold-em or want to brush up on your strategy, head on over to our poker school for some tips.

Our Top Tips for playing SPINS Sit and Go Poker

  1. Play lots of hands! If you are used to playing 6 or 8-handed the biggest adjustment to make 3-handed is to play more hands that you would usually – fold too much and those blinds will come round very quickly!
  2. Adjust! Pay attention to who is folding too much and raise their big blind more often, notice who is going all-in every hand and be prepared to call them with a wider selection of hands.
  3. Go all-in! For most of the tournament you will be very short stacked. Don’t bleed chips away by trying to raise small and then fold. Pick your hand and go with it!
  4. Play well no matter what the multiplier is! Lots of players throw it away when they don’t hit one of the bigger prizepools, take advantage of this and double your money more often.
  5. Work on your heads-up game! All the money is won during the heads-up stage. Study which hands to go all-in with and which hands to fold to have an edge during the most important stage.

Good luck in your SPINS Poker games!

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