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Find Out How To Interact With Friends | partypoker

Find and play with friends


It’s not just where you go that makes a great time, it’s who you go with as well. That’s why at partypoker, we’ve made finding and making new poker friends easier than ever.


It’s not only where you go that makes a great time, it’s who you go with as well. That’s why, at partypoker, we’ve made finding and making new friends easier than ever.

Are your friends already here?

Already know some partypoker regulars? Find them and add them to your friends list by searching for their screen name, email address or even raiding your own email address book. Then just hope they remember who you are!


Making new friends

So you’re the newbie and your friends aren’t into playing poker online. What do you do? Hit the lobby or find a table to pick up some new friends while you play. You’ll know what you have in common straight away and, who knows, it could be the start of something beautiful…


Recognise these guys?

To help you become a real partypoker social butterfly we’ll recommend people we think you might know. Whether you share friends or a love of the same games we’ll do our best to introduce you.


Let’s be friends

If someone wants to add you to their friends list you’ll hear about in one of these ways - a private message, a notification in the lobby, a pop up at the table or an email if you aren’t logged in at the time. You can see pending friend requests in this handy widget so you’ll always know where you stand.


All your friends in one place

To make staying in contact with all your friends as simple as possible we’ve created the friends list. You can see everything that they’re up to like friends they’ve recently added, tournaments they’ve won and even the events they’ve played. So you’ll always be up to date with what’s going on.

Get some privacy

Head to the ‘Privacy settings’ page and you can decide for yourself who can contact you and how they are able to do it. After all, you don’t want to be friends with everyone. Or do you?