Jaime Staples

Team partypoker

Name: Jaime Staples

Nationality: Canadian

partypoker screen name: jaimestaples

Jaime Staples is one of the most-viewed poker streamers on Twitch, with over 157,000 followers. Alongside great poker content in a welcoming community, Jaime has even given his viewers the chance to buy a stake in his action. And, after posting consistently impressive results at the mid-stakes levels, those viewers who invested will be delighted to have done so.

Jaime has found immense success on the MTT tables, with over $500K in winnings to his name, but you can also look out for him playing SPINS. He has become a specialist in these three-handed games, with his aggressive style suited to the fast-paced format.

You can watch Jaime by joining Streamer Connect, allowing you to watch while you play. You’ll have the chance to complete achievements to unlock exclusive badges only available to Streamer Connect members. And you can also follow Jaime on his Twitch channel - PokerStaples