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Steven Kok

Team partypoker

Jeff Gross - Team partypoker

Name: Jeff Gross

Nationality: American

partypoker screen name: JeffGross

Jeff Gross learned poker the old-fashioned way, but has embraced modern mediums in documenting his ascent through the stakes.

The American taught himself the fundamentals of poker at University, where he competed in low-stakes games against friends. Ever-studious, Jeff was determined to improve his skills and turned to poker literature for guidance. Success at local cash games suggests the work paid off, and his bankroll has continued to grow ever since.

Now with over $3.2M in live tournament earnings and $1.4M online, Jeff is a well-respected, versatile pro. Such is the stature of the 32-year-old, he regularly attracts titans of the felt, including Antonio Esfandiari, to feature on his podcast to discuss all things poker.

Living between Miami, Las Vegas and Brazil, the Michigan native is constantly on the move, but he always finds time to stream. Jeff’s 55,000 Twitch followers are regularly hooked by his ability to break down key hands and clearly articulate his thought processes.
You can follow Jeff on his Twitch channel ‘jeffgrosspoker’.