Lilian 'Clae' Erdmann

Team partypoker

Lilian ‘Clae’ Erdmann - Team partypoker

Name: Lilian ‘Clae’ Erdmann

Nationality: French

partypoker screen name: Claedeus_FR

A formidable player of both Magic and Hearthstone, it was only a matter of time before Lilian ‘Clae’ Erdmann turned his card-playing focus to poker.

The Frenchman has enjoyed regular success on the cash game tables, while also accumulating over €100K in tournament cashes.

But it’s Twitch where Clae has made the most noise. Through his stream, Clae has created a space that encourages friendly, open and honest poker discussion. The channel is continuing to widen its reach, with 15,000 followers and more than 1 million cumulative views.

Clae will now be showcasing his talents on our EU channel. Join the ever-entertaining Clae as he shares his passion for the game with you here!