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Alan 'Hotted' Widmann

Team partypoker

Courtney Gee - Team partypoker

Name: Courtney Gee

Nationality: Canadian

partypoker SN: courtiebee

Canadian native, Courtney, has always had a passion for poker. She worked many jobs from waitressing to running her own business but nothing compared to her love of the felt, so she decided to make poker her new daily grind.

The Science graduate of the University of British Columbia, started to use her analytical skills to play mainly 18 mans and 6-max tournaments online, before discovering hyper heads-up Sit & Gos.

After a few years of playing tournaments, she discovered the platform Twitch. Having a live audience watching her every move motivated her to play even better, which has led her to almost four years of streaming. She is very grateful to the poker community and her group of subscribers that watch her videos daily- better known as the Swarm. Each weekly stream leads to new conversations and jokes, making poker not just a game, but a lifestyle!  

Check out Courtney’s streams and join her Swarm, here.