Jeff Johnston

Team partypoker

MaximusBlack - Team partypoker

Name: Jeffrey Johnston ‘MaximusBlack’

Nationality: Canadian

partypoker screen name: MaximusBlack

MaximusBlack has been a full-time streamer for over 10 years on Twitch. He started out as the co-creator and commentator of the hit series “When Cheese Fails” on YouTube. From there he became a full-time Starcraft 2 professional player.

After retiring from competitive E-Sports, he continued to stream full-time with Grand Theft Auto RP and co-hosts his podcast “Technical Alpha”.

With his love of Poker and hosting shows, MaximusBlack has joined the partypoker team to create fun and engaging content for both the casual and competitive poker lovers out there!

Check out the partypokerTV Twitch channel to see MaximusBlack in action!